Service Description

The cost planning process commences with the preparation of an approximate estimate by the quantity surveyor, and then the setting of cost targets, which are based upon building elements. According to best practices following by quantity, the surveyor will also always be looking for ways of simplifying the details, without altering the design, in an attempt to reduce the tender sum. The consistency of the Cost Planning process as following three stages according to the standard method of measurement (example NRM1&2): -


  1. The first of these involves the establishment of a realistic first estimate (Preliminary Approximate Estimate/ Concept design stage)

  2. The second stage plans how this estimate should be spent among the various parts or elements of the     project (Cost Plan/ Schematic design stage)

  3. The final stage is a checking process to ensure that the actual design details for the various elements can be constructed within the cost plan (Cost Checking/ Detailed design.

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